Church Bells?

Hello my lovelies, has it been a month already, I reckon it has and that is why I’m back with yet another interesting post to share. The design I’m about to share is something new and exciting for me since in all my wildest fashion dreams I never thought I would aspire to be a wedding gown designer but here we are pregnant with expectations to start breaking necks with my wedding gown designs.

Well well, this projects was birthed about two months ago when I was still an intern at Peggy ‘O’ Fashion House who we all know is a force to be reckoned with in Kenya’s fashion industry. Quite a humbling experience spending my attachment learning from the best and stacking up generations of design knowledge for my own archives. While I was there I was greatly obsessed with learning corsetry and I could not stop bugging Miss. Peggy to pass down the knowledge to me.

Trust me, when I want something I go for it and so I got my corsetry master class and I fell in love with it. The intricacies of corset construction makes my fashion wits rush and that would be the greatest challenge for me thus far. To add to my new challenge, I thought it would be a waste to leave the establishment having not designed myself a gown, not only for learning purposes but also for myself, as I welcomed a new chapter in my young design career. I put so much sentimental value into this creation, I just did not know I would fall in love with the whole process.

A lot of pattern making went into it as well, I did a lot of drafting, grading and sampling way before any final pieces were created to ensure perfection. Mind you, I made 3 different samples before I finally settled and made the actual corset, I was so torn. Below are final patterns pieces showcasing the lay out and assembling process. As for the skirt, it was no brainer, all I had to do was ensure my pattern was perfect and then stitch the pieces together.

20190806_082203.jpg         20190808_111224.jpg

20190809_172058.jpg         20190809_172040.jpg

Below I present to you my first wedding gown, so hush! No church bells at least not yet. I truly felt like a bride on this shoot, so elegant especially when I threw on that fur coat, ooh mama! And now I can secretly practice my walk down the aisle in this, while playing dress up in my room LOL.

Anyways, goodbye for now, enjoy the memories captured on this shoot and don’t forget to leave me a comment down below. Also, enjoy the long weekend folks and Happy Mashuja Day to my Kenyan fam, xoxo.
















No Human Is Limited.




Hey guys, how have you been? I have been tired you guys, I’ve just been so damn tired with all the work. I did not see 2019 coming at me like this but I’m happy that I can breathe now. I can now do my own thing in peace with no outside pressure, I hope I’m able to utilize all this free time to create some more.

On our topic today, I want to shed some light on that from personal experience. Over the past couple of months, it feels like I just neglected myself to focused on improving my career and skills. In the process, I forgot to take care of myself which led to so much stress and frustrations. Thing is I cannot multi-task to save my life, when it comes to focusing on things, I give it 100%, all I got hence other areas of my life suffer. To some extent, it’s a good thing but to others not so much. I have been trying to fight the fact that I’m an inborn workaholic but not anymore, why not just embrace it. So, instead of trying to change my non-multitasking, streamlined self, who gives 100% focus to everything she does, I have resulted to self loving. My advice: Life is hard enough as it is, do not make it harder by fighting within yourself, embrace everything about you and the rest shall follow suit.

Before I conclude this post I want to mention that my attachment period was not all stressful, it was actually a great blessing. The internship was amazing, I got to meet some amazing people and most of all learnt a lot which I will be sharing soon. I feel like the things I learnt have catapulted me closer to the designer I aspire to be. I’m sorry for taking to long to post this, thank you for waiting.

This full outfit was made by yours truly, enjoy guys and place your orders for office wear at RUCI Fashion:










Hey beautiful people, what’s popping? Now that we have established I am a pants kinda girl, I hope you guys enjoy this simple look I put together.

Before I do though, got to mention the fit of these LC Waikiki flared pants is perfection. I have never fit so well in pants I got from any shop and this is because of my abnormal waist to hip ratio, God bless my mama. But sincerely speaking, who else struggles with this? Personally, whenever I go shopping especially for fitting pants, it’s either they fit my hips but always big at the waist or fits the waist but never goes past my hips! So imagine when I fit in this pair perfectly and it’s not only on me also on my big sis who shares this same struggle. I am honestly shook and impressed, if you guys want to get pants, I 100% recommend LC Waikiki.

Also, I though it’s been a while since I posted anything else other than my designs so I decided to have a little fun with it. Shooting, dining with friends and just having a good time, living my best life.

P.S. I had a wardrobe malfunction, forgot to carry my purse *tears*. Either way did not stop us from shooting and it was a really fun shoot.

Wishing you a beautiful week ahead guys, xoxo.



You will always catch me eating lol.




Creating at RUCI

Hey guys, what’s popping, okkrrrr! Hahaha. I don’t know about you but I’m feeling good, hyped and it is such a good vibe all around. I hope you are also feeling good about yourself, you have that inner peace and joy from within. Remember to take care of yourself and most importantly your peace of mind. Never compromise on that boo! Now that we are all feeling good or better emotionally… Don’t forget to like, share and subscribe to my blog for more joy, ya feel me? Hahaha.

So, what is Ruci, for those who missed it last time, check out my previous post. I am currently the head of every department at Ruci Fashion and all operations run smoothly in my bedroom lol. So, I do the designing, pattern making, cutting, tailoring… In short everything that happens in a fashion house hehe. I just love the whole growth process though, it’s not the easiest of jobs but I know some day in future I will laugh at and appreciate this humble beginnings.

To my fellow young, upcoming designers, this is for you. Keep creating, I know the struggles, it may not be easy but soon all those long nights and early morning will pay off. You got this, keep going do not forget to be patient and appreciating the process. If you have any ideas you would like to share or design questions you would like to ask, please shoot. Follow me on Instagram and let us connect 🙂

Okay party people, today is another Ruci day, whoop whoop. So, for this look I did a matching bralette paired with palazzo pants which were both designed, drafted and stitched by me. You guys should know that I’m a pants kinda girl, pants any day any time. Any cut or style, I’m good to go. Enjoy this design guys.

Also before I go, Happy Birthday Sissy, this one is for you for always believing in me, love you 🙂

Outfit; Ruci Fashion

Boots; from Italy with love, from big sis










Hey guys, welcome back to my blog. I feel so happy to be doing this more often and being as consistent as I possibly can. So, on my previous post, I shared about living a passion and purpose driven life. Follow up on that, on today’s and the next couple of posts, I will be introducing you guys to, drum rolls… RUCI fashion pronunciation RUSHI’. The name Ruci is from my Kikuyu name Wanjiru whose nickname is Ciru, so inverted backwards… Ruci, get it guys?So, Ruci is my start-up fashion brand which I have been working hard to launch. I wish to work in this industry a very long time that is why this is a very important leap for me. I opened an Instagram and Facebook page as soon as I figured out the name and begun sharing my designs so go follow guys.My biggest dream as a fashion designer is to have my own fashion house and continue creating beautiful designs and become a reckoned and respected designer across the world. This will take time but I’m willing to work towards that dream of having the honor to dress Beyonce and work with Brandon Maxwell because these are my ultimate dreams. They say never meet your heroes but f* it! Dear universe, I’m ready to be great. And as I rise the ranks, I would love to give back by mentoring upcoming designers in Kenya and around the world. Building a legacy far much greater than myself.When I dived into this career and realized that this was it for me, I decided to give it my all since I no longer had any doubts about what I wanted to do with my life. I count it as a blessing to have found my purpose and I would love to keep sharing my blessing and talent with the world. It’s not just a dream, this is it for me. My main and side hustle all combined into one. I am hereby asking for your love and support guys. Support local talent, shop local brands guys and let us uplift our own economy. Kindly go follow and start placing your orders from Ruci Fashion on Instagram; I go, let me leave you with this look, designed and styled by yours truly.Flared pants by RUCI Fashion.DSC_6251DSC_6269DSC_6273DSC_6267DSC_6265P.S. New fav jam, on repeat!


Hey guys, welcome back to my blog. I have just been on some good vibes lately, child… God has been so good to me! I hope you too coz you deserve to be happy. OK. I’m truly grateful to be here to share this with you guys. Recently, I have just been full of genuine gratitude and unending joy, like smiling for no good reason happy. So, I started wondering what has changed in my life?

  1. I am yet to achieve all my goals and dreams.
  2. My bank account balance is yet and very far from looking like my phone number.
  3. I am not getting enough sleep guys, like for real I’m sleep deprived.

But yet, here we are, Jay has just been so damn happy. Then I realized, it’s coz of work, I genuinely love what I do and even if the puzzle pieces are still scattered on the table and only a few pieces are just starting to fit in, It genuinely feels amazing. I do not take this for granted reason being,  have taken so many L’s to finally get to this point of finding my true calling.

Today I want to talk about what genuine happiness and fulfillment means according to me, the number one thing is following your passion, knowing your purpose. This is a true testament on a very personal level, I have no idea what else I would rather be if I did not pursue my career and passion as a fashion designer. I know I may be young and things change with time but what I can truly attest one day even if I end up switching lanes is that in my 20s I found my true calling in this world. Though I’ve always wanted to be a teacher, so maybe now I could teach fashion hehe. Don’t read into it, just a thought.

The more I learn and grow in this field, the more I yearn for even more. I wish this is how everyone would feel as they went to work every morning but unfortunately for some circumstances forced them into the career paths they are on and for others it is all about the money. Do not get me wrong money is very, VERY important, I cannot emphasize enough but following your passion and making dollars out of it, way fulfilling. I know this because if it is passion, it is from the heart and you do not have to be pushed around to do it, maybe just a little shove when you are stuck.

Also as much as you are following your passion and especially if it is your talent, you also need to be sharp and always stay on top of your game. Remember, HARD WORK BEATS TALENT, IF TALENT DOES NOT WORK, repeat after me kids! You may have the upper hand when you have the talent and the skills but do not underestimate the power of practice and constantly polishing your craft. You will only be the best in your field if you practice, leave 10, 000 hours make it 100, 000. Just to make sure you are good as the people you look up to.

I do not know about you but I hope you have found your passion and you are doing everything possible towards being the best at it. If you are yet to find your purpose, because as much as it may be unfair some may never know, I just want to encourage you, you may not know what your real passion is but I know for sure you work somewhere or maybe you are in school studying an amazing course- Follow that path, make it your passion now until you figure things out, no pressure stay positive and committed 🙂

Those were my thoughts on the subject, what do you guys think? Comment down below ad before I go, you guys know we got to slay.

Strapy Bustier Dress I made for a wedding I attended last Saturday. Enjoy:)



Do the universe a favor, don’t hide your magic.










Glow Up

Hey guys, I’m super late to post this weekend which totally sucks because I’m striving towards consistency. But things do not always go as planned sometimes so bare with me. Feels strange posting on Sunday night though!

Well, well, where were we? Ooh yeah, final year projects and I saved my personal favorite for last. As I put this up, I am so grateful to have come this far, it has been a tremendous journey which I am so proud of myself for. It is one of those achievements in life where you are just so grateful to God. I cannot wait for everything to fit in place in it’s perfect time, meanwhile enjoy this piece and have a splendid week ahead.

Unit: Experimental Design

Theme: Street Avant Garde

Task: As a fashion designer, thoroughly research into different aspects and concepts of Avant garde fashion. Assume that your client are young contemporary female or male model attending a street Avant garde show in South Africa. Design a full garment or coordinates with accessories by recycling garments, paying attention to the principles and elements of design.

Consumer Brief: My client is a young female artist from South Africa in her mid-twenties. She is a performing artist- musician. She loves experimenting on different styles and for this fashion event she wanted to make a fashion statement. For that she chose a Vintage Victorian look with a touch of 21st Century.

Outfit: A see-through Victorian gown that she can pair with any 21st Century fashion trends underneath i.e. body-con, camisole/corset and pair of biker shorts etc. The gown will be complete and accessorized with a birdcage fascinator and a pair of gloves embellished with pearls. P.S. I forgot to wear the fascinator while shooting this outfit lol.

Mood Board: My inspiration was mainly shears and see-through fabrics hence the tulle, chiffon and organza fabrics used which were originally curtain shears that I thrifted from Gikomba.

Avant Garde

So, without further ado, presenting to you a mush up of Victorian Era and the 21st Century.












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